Prosperty: The digital revolution in the real estate market

By Endeavor Greece Jan 10, 2023

I think we are, if not the only, perhaps one of the few Greek startups, that three Greek VCs and three Greek EquiFunds have invested in.

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The Outliers podcast, by Endeavor Greece, starts the new year with a bang and welcomes the founding team of Prosperty. Antonis M., Nikos and Antonis D., who use innovative technology and data analysis so that they are able to offer greater transparency in real estate sales and rental transactions while minimizing red tape.

The company has so far raised $5.1 million, with Greek Big Pi Ventures, Metavallon VC and Velocity Partners as its main investors, including the fact that it is one of the few Greek startups to have 3 Greek VCs & EquiFund invested.

We talked with them about how they first met, starting the startup in a small room, the change they want to bring to the real estate industry, and where they see the industry heading in the future. Listen to the episode here and learn more at outliers.gr