Thomas Douzis: How ERGON Foods became the ambassador of Greek food abroad

By Endeavor Greece Dec 20, 2022

“18 years later, the goal is one: to continue to be the ultimate Greek food brand in the world. That is the goal, the rest we do are tools we use to achieve."

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The Outliers podcast, of Endeavor Greece, this Tuesday welcomes Thomas Douzis, Founder & CEO of ERGON Foods, the company that managed to become the ambassador of Greek food abroad.

The story of ERGON began in 2004, somewhere in Thessaloniki, when two young brothers, Thomas and Giorgos, influenced by their father's idea for the distribution of domestic products over foreign ones, envisioned the pioneering company that emerged in the following years as its ambassador Greek food. The idea was particularly pioneering at the time as there was a widespread trend of consuming foreign products.

In the years that followed, ERGON Foods went through many difficulties and successes and today it has 25 stores in 5 countries in Europe and the Middle East. What sets the company apart, among other things, is that it has managed to combine hospitality spaces with deli grocery stores and restaurants in a unique way, while it also has a unique multipurpose hall in Thessaloniki.

During the discussion, Thomas talks about his vision, the first steps of ERGON foods, how the idea of ​​two young people managed today to be a landmark for Greek cuisine abroad, as well as how they managed to become pioneers by combining for the first time focusing on hotel hospitality.

Listen to the episode here and learn more at outliers.gr