Welcome Pickups: Millions of personalized travel experiences in 100+ destinations

By Endeavor Greece Feb 6, 2023

Endeavor Greece's Outliers Podcast welcomes 2 individuals who have changed the way we travel, offering a holistic and personalized experience. Alexandros Trimis and Savvas Georgiou, founders of Welcome Pickups, talk about how they aimed to develop in a sustainable and stable way, about the difficult period of the coronavirus during which they were forced to let go of a large percentage of their potential but also how they managed to come back strongly by investing even more in the traveler's experience.

Welcome Pickups services are currently used by more than 4 million travelers in 100 destinations and 50 countries. By the end of 2023, the goal is to double the destinations reaching 200 and focusing on the American market.

Listen to the episode here and learn more at Outliers.gr.