What are Endeavor Entrepreneurs doing to reduce the impact of the Coronavirus?

By Endeavor Greece Apr 7, 2020

Initiatives within Endeavor’s portfolio

In COVID-19 times, the response of entrepreneurs globally has been outstanding in reducing the impact of the crisis. In Endeavor, we are very grateful to be witnessing first hand our companies’ efforts to counteract some of the effects of the crisis, by offering their solutions or by putting together initiatives and donations to alleviate the consequences in our lives. The #payitforward model of Endeavor is more relevant than ever since it is in these times that entrepreneurs need to come together and try to make a difference for the whole community. 

Offer of free or discounted services

Hellas Direct, the online insurance company, has offered 1-month free car insurance to all drivers in the country.  In addition, they announced a 1month free roadside assistance to support all the workers who are fighting in very difficult conditions to care for everyone’s needs.

Blueground, the Extended-stay apartment rental company, offers deeply discounted and flexible stays for Remote Working & Distancing. Blueground has worked with the nursing community to provide immediate and flexible apartments that are move-in ready, furnished and located near major hospitals & healthcare centers.

Workable, an online recruitment software, offers free use of the new video interviewing software for all customers, and access to a library of COVID-19 response content including email and policy templates, insightful articles that can be useful for those looking for solutions and insights in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pollfish, the online market research company, is offering free credits to companies that use surveys for COVID-19 related topics. Endeavor Greece has partnered with Pollfish to run its first consumer sentiment survey, aiming to imprint the trends and changes in the behavior, the fears and expectations of Greek consumers.

Refocusing Resources

Dust & Cream, the cosmetics company, is applying its technical knowledge and industrial capabilities to expand the impact of its resources. At the moment, Dust & Cream is working to produce hand sanitizers using their installed manufacturing capabilities for perfumes.

Ergon, its restaurants and shop, has shifted from the brick and mortar model to a fully functioning online delivery and e-shop service. Ergon serves daily the residents of the city of Athens and Thessaloniki, allowing them to shop from the butcher shop, the grocery store, the fish shop, and its liquor store as if they were physically there.

Making donations

Green Cola, the soft drink company, donated medical equipment at the General University Hospital of Evros, participating in the effort to strengthen the public health system. The goal of Green Cola’s donation is to alleviate the financial burden of the National Health System at this critical time, contributing to the needs of the Evros Hospital.

Provide useful services 

Pnoe’s breath analysis device can potentially be used for people to monitor potential chronic lung problems caused by the hit of the virus. Also, Given their cloud-based infrastructure, they can provide breath analysis devices to patients that have Covid-19 but cannot be accepted to a hospital due to lack of capacity. These patients can be monitored remotely by doctors (telemedicine).

Vivante’s platform can provide information as well as monitor the health of people, personalized with respect to their condition. Through content delivered via the platform informs people of the virus, health steps to take, and support if they need it. 

Instashop, through its online marketplace, provides a seamless delivery option to members of the community who are responsibly practicing self-isolation. They are closely working with their retail and brand partners to ensure product availability while optimizing its processes and technology in order to cater to the demand in the best possible way.

Other global initiatives

Many other Endeavor entrepreneurs from other countries have joined the movement. One of them is Smartick, the Spanish app specialized in mathematics for children, which is offering its free platform for fifteen days, to help children continue learning from home; Cabify in Spain is giving free trips to healthcare personnel; Supermercato24, an Italian online delivery service for groceries, offers free delivery to people over 65, while Globant is working on projects that, through technology, help citizens, the health system and governments to face the crisis. Among its developments, it has created a platform that allows governments to manage in real-time the health resources available in hospitals and health centers during the pandemic.