Digital Transformation: Greek Businesses That Stand Out

By Endeavor Greece Jan 19, 2021

by Panagiotis Karampinis, Managing Director of Endeavor Greece

There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the long existing status quo, drawing the business world closer to alternative ways of working and thrusting the digital transformation into the limelight.

According to a recent research conducted by Endeavor Greece, which was carried out during the lockdown, more than half of the companies are currently looking into the possibility of including remote working in their business model. Nevertheless, 70% of the Greek companies point out that they are satisfied with the level of automation of their operations, which might indicate that the targeting of the entrepreneurs is still low, concerning the digital transformation of their companies. 

The emerging technologies will bring about radical changes in every company, will enhance the way of working and will automate the majority of the recurring operations. Statistically, those companies that are first to take steps towards digital transformation are more likely to thrive in difficult times -just like the one we are going through now- and be more successful than their less innovative competitors. In Greece, such companies have already started to generate record deals for the country (such as the acquisitions of Softomotive and Instashop), and their impact could change the entire business narrative.  

A typical example is the technology developed by Orfium, which helps big music publishers to digitally transform their operations and to increase their profits and effectiveness. NumberAI’s platform uses artificial intelligence to automate customer service allowing companies to respond directly and effectively to their clients’ needs. Hellas Direct, the online insurance company, generates by use of smart algorithms real-time personalized offers based on the duration and the cover programs. Vivante Health uses digital health to fundamentally redefine our way of living by monitoring and improving medical procedures. 

At the same time, Softomotive’s technology, which has recently been acquired by Microsoft, employs Robotic Process Automation to help companies automate their operations and accelerate their digital transformation. Accordingly, Nova Credit’s technology translates data from leading credit bureaus worldwide and offers seamless access to the international credit history of immigrants making them creditworthy for financial institutions. Last but not least, Matternet has developed one of the leading technological platforms worldwide for on-demand aerial delivery of small parcels in urban environments. 

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