Endeavor Greece Unveils 7th Scale Up Cohort: Igniting Innovation and Impact

By Endeavor Greece Jun 9, 2024

Endeavor Greece, an integral part of the global Endeavor network dedicated to fostering innovation ecosystems globally, proudly announces the launch of its 7th ScaleUp Program cohort. The ScaleUp Program is the first international program for Greek Innovation, designed to select and support the most promising Rising Star founders globally, who are either linked to Greece or interested in building a relationship with the country.  

Today, we proudly welcome 9 fast-growing companies and their innovative high-impact founders into our network, bringing the total number of rapidly expanding enterprises in our portfolio to 68, having collectively raised over $710 Million in funding and generating more than 2500 jobs globally.

Key highlights of the incoming cohort:

  • The selected companies have collectively raised over 90M$ USD and created over 320 jobs.

  • The selected cohort spans 8 countries across Europe, Africa and North America, highlighting the program’s international impact and reach.

  • A broad spectrum of sectors and industries is represented, from Fintech, Healthtech and Proptech to Energy Management, next-gen Computer Vision and DefenseTech

  • A substantial 44% of the selected companies incorporate hardware into their business models, compared to previous batches (20% for Batch VI and 15% for Batch V)

The 9 ScaleUp companies have been carefully selected out of 20 candidates that made it to this final step of the selection process, having been evaluated by 25 industry leaders, investors and very importantly Endeavor Entrepreneurs and Scale Up alumni, such as Haris Pylarinos (Hack the Box), John Tsioris (Instashop/Revotech), Maria Chatzou (Lifebit), Sokratis Papafloratos (Numan), Stavros Papadopoulos (TileDB), Mohammed Azab (Grinta), Kubilay Sengun (Insider), George Varvarelis (Augmenta), Susan Anderson (Endeavor Canada Board Chair, Cannonball Capital), Andreas Stavropoulos (Endeavor Greece Vice Chairman of the Board, Threshold Ventures), Ben Blume (Atomico), Saki Georgiadis (Evio VC), Christos Kolimenakis (JP Morgan), Bill Theofilou (Axia), Tom Vellios (Five Below), Bulent Celebi (AirTies, Endeavor Turkey Entrepreneur and Mentor), among others. 

Eliso Kotsieva, Scale Up and Programs Manager, Smart City & Climate Portfolio Lead says

“This year's ScaleUp cohort really demonstrates the global reach and the diversity of innovation thriving within Greece's entrepreneurial landscape. Spanning 8 countries and addressing some of the most pressing challenges of our time in diverse fields from energy to advanced AI and defense, what all these companies have in common is their potential to significantly impact the Greek Innovation Ecosystem. Whether they have Greek founders or teams and clients based in Greece, they all share a vision of transformative growth and we are dedicated to accelerating their journey through our ScaleUp Program and providing the support and resources needed to help them achieve their goals, and become high-impact Endeavor Entrepreneurs,  while shaping the future of innovation in Greece.”

Take a look at the awesome companies and their founders!

Elyos Energy optimizes energy use in commercial buildings through its software platform, helping businesses cut costs and emissions. By connecting to a building’s various smart systems, Elyos enables real-time energy management and participation in demand response events, allowing customers to save money and get paid by the grid and  turning energy savings into profit while contributing to a greener planet. .

Co-Founders:  Adrian Johnston, Panos Stravopodis, Philippa Brown

huupe has developed the world's first smart basketball hoop, delivering NBA-level workouts, on-demand training, live coaching, and advanced data tracking. huupe’s versatile hardware can be effortlessly installed indoors or outdoors, providing access to  live and on-demand classes, as well as 1-1 personal training.

Co-Founders:  Paul Anton, Lyth Saeed

KINVENT is revolutionizing physiotherapy with its innovative devices that offer real-time biofeedback to enhance physical therapy and athletic training. Their tools provide precise measurements of movement, strength, and balance, helping therapists and trainers tailor programs to individual needs. This technology not only improves the effectiveness of rehabilitation and performance training but also makes the process more engaging for users. By bringing cutting-edge science into everyday practice, KINVENT is making physical therapy more accessible, effective, and enjoyable for everyone.

Founder:  Athanase Kollias

Lambda (λ) Automata is creating autonomous surveillance technology designed for real-time, high-precision field intelligence. The Lambda Autonomous Surveillance Tower (LAST), uses advanced AI to monitor large areas such as forests, borders, and critical infrastructure, detecting, geo-locating, and classifying threats with over 95% accuracy. Leveraging computer vision and autonomous systems to provide essential protection and situational awareness​, Lambda ensures robust security with minimal human intervention.

Co-founders:  Dimitris Kottas, George Kontogiannis, Ioannis Souriadakis is redefining customer service with its AI-driven platform. Utilizing state-of-the-art generative AI and large language models, Moveo analyzes both historical and real-time customer interactions to deliver personalized, human-like support to millions. This technology ensures exceptional customer experiences by anticipating and addressing needs efficiently and empathetically.

Co-Founders:  Panos Karagiannis, George Karagiannis

Moving Doors is making relocating effortless and enjoyable by offering a network of luxury, fully serviced homes with flexible booking terms, allowing  professionals, travelers, and anyone seeking a dynamic living experience  to seamlessly move between high-end properties in various cities without compromising on comfort or quality. By integrating advanced technology, Moving Doors ensures that each stay is tailored to personal preferences,  revolutionizing how we think about home.

Co-Founders: Kyrillos Sehata, Demetris Papadopoulos

ODAIA leverages cutting-edge AI to transform patient care in the pharmaceutical industry. Their platform uses advanced analytics to optimize interactions between healthcare providers and patients, significantly reducing the time it takes to get life-saving therapies to those in need. By creating human-centric, data-driven journeys, ODAIA improves the efficiency and effectiveness of treatment pathways, ensuring that patients receive the best care faster. This innovation not only enhances patient outcomes but also streamlines operations for healthcare providers, making the entire healthcare ecosystem more responsive and efficient.

Founder:  Philip Poulidis

Qurv is developing groundbreaking semiconductors that vastly enhance the capabilities of extended reality (XR)  devices, service robots, and autonomous vehicles, providing actionable images across a wide range of lighting conditions. By using advanced materials and scalable manufacturing processes, Qurv's sensors significantly improve performance and reliability, transforming how machines see and interact with the world, enabling more precise and safe operations, and paving the way for smarter, more responsive devices in our daily lives.

Co-Founders: Antonios Oikonomou, Stijn Goossens

Zeal is revolutionizing retail with its innovative POS terminals that automatically identify and reward in-store customers. This technology connects millions of shoppers with millions of retailers, enhancing the shopping experience through personalized engagement and rewards, making every shopping trip more rewarding and enjoyable.

Co-Founders: Omar Ebeid, Bellal Mohamed